Pop quiz for you! If I were to ask you about how you approach the production of a new song, would you say you have an organized method or do you try something new every time? For instance, I’ve found that I usually focus on structure and instrumentation before anything else. What about you? Let me know in the comments below! 🧐✨ 📸 @blueheartsphotography . . . . #supportindieart #songwriterlife #indieartistlife #pnwmusicians #pnwartists #seattleartists #tacomaartist #seattlemusician #shareyoursong #musicinspo #latinaartist #latinagirls #pnwmusic #songwritersofinstagram #supportindiemusic

Published by fragogo

http://www.victoriafragoso.com Music devotee. Vocal explorer. Leo. Offbeat observationist. Wordaholic. Organizational guru. Design fanatic. Incurable shutterbug. Extreme tea and sushi lover... As a writer, I believe that anything is possible with the right amount of imagination and determination. My experiences in songwriting, recording, performing, marketing and publication have taught me that life is an open-ending that everyone must design for themselves...

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