Lead the way to any cave, my ghost. The cold sand means nothing under nails or collar; I wonder where we are and you ask if it matters. How one fractured pavement could lead to this, I’ll never understand. I thought we saw things clearly from our chair by the beer pong table, but from one dying beast to another, I’ve been told to keep my life in a tapestry and my love in a knot.

Bottom’s up.

Could you see what a paradox city we wrote? I’m full now, take me home and empty me under closer moons. You step around my toes, but I cry either way. I find shadows and excuses to kiss everywhere I go. Once, you tried to coax me down from the ceiling: “Sell your song to me, or better yet your sanity.” The farthest I could move was onto the shelf. “Cancel all subscriptions and order-ins,” I said, “My hair is down for you.”

Up along the sea port
where slide guitars play on their own and
words said can be deleted easily from
memory and replaced with an image of
market place spices designed to liven
your life in a single whiff.
We speak in slow whispers
so as not to disturb the wind
marking its story on the cliffs.

You’ve got me sewed up like a pillow case, but you let my love go to waste… http://ow.ly/xsRhI #ShareGoodVibes

Hugh Laurie performs Unchain My Heart from Ocean Way Studios as part of ITV’s ‘From The Heart’ broadcast on 13th February.