Ever wondered what’s in the cd grab bags? Today is the day to find out! We’re giving away mini cd grab bags for free to anyone who spends $20 or more. We’ll have some other goodies as well for Freebie Friday! #freebiefriday
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Say something. say anything or just listen. HEAR Crush Songs NOW streaming @nprmusic http://www.npr.org/2014/09/05/343146899/first-listen-karen-o-crush-songs, and purchase on sept 9th! http://bit.ly/1AeG4ss Own it, crush it, own it again. Luv KO
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A still from “Black Swan” Over a hundred million sharks are killed per year. FYI sharks think humans taste like ass
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The life and death of adverts… Those who glueth, those ripeth away… #grimripper #streetart #thanksforthereallifemuseum
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