Liv 'n Learn

The video above touches on a question I have been trying to verbalize for a few months now. Why cannot people simply be?

Subscribing to different stereotypes and labels is easy – committing to them is not. For instance, people can and do have more than one interest. Labeling a person as a runner does not make them solely a runner. The person may also rock climb or make YouTube videos. Whatever the case may be, a person is not only interests or beliefs. A person is interests and beliefs and so much more.

A recent vlog by one of my favorite YouTubers kind of touches on my point. Zoe Sugg, a twenty-something-year-old Englishwoman, occasionally blogs about fashion and beauty in addition to vlogging and producing YouTube videos weekly. She shared her issues with anxiety very publicly over a year ago and has been fairly open about all her…

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