!. What made me happiest: Seeing my puppy this morning when I woke up
@. What challenged me: Thinking ahead
#. What confused me: Lots of things lol
$. What made me laugh: Jokes at lunch
%. What I’m grateful for: My boyfriend, puppy, and family
^. What I’m looking forward to tomorrow: Still getting shit done…
&. What I learned: The aisle where they moved my puppy’s food at PetCo
*. What I prayed for: For inspiration

typing away sentences
long and mysterious; words
ripe with misspellings,
smelling the smear of
chocolate on a “u” which spread
to “unanimous thanks,”
and climbed the heavy
gates to heaven. Oh,
did they beg for it–they
could barely catch its
reflection in the lining,
but they did.

Weighted, the guilt of
celestial sin snaps with each
rat-a-tat-tat, each zing!
Forgive me, please. I
know not what writes this. I
know only what it says it means.

I. For Henri Frédéric Amiel

He stood on the banks
rivers of time
rushing past
his heart beats his
consciousness down
down down
into the pit
of wordlessness,
which is
 with hallucinations.

He had seen
things he was not
supposed to have seen.
A statue made without
simply standing;
a spectator to that
great and constant fact
of life
that molecular whirlwind
that incessant metamorphosis
always sinking